Occult Study Group - Alchemy, Tarot, Golden Dawn, Christ, Buddhism (Boulder)

Hello, we are Seth and Serendipity, a down-to-earth couple who value the experiential knowledge gained and shared through weekly meditation. Our journey into the occult began with a shared curiosity about the common shapes of experience, like those depicted in Tarot cards, and how these are reflected across various belief systems. By exploring these tools in detailed, synchronistic, and abstract ways, we’ve deepened our internal freedoms and attracted friends who find our explorations beneficial.

Our study sessions delve into vulnerable and challenging subjects, seeking to understand fundamental aspects of experience. Inspired by the fun and learning we've had with friends, we are opening our doors to the community to grow our study group.

Each gathering includes simple card reading layouts to initiate an intuitive walk through the cards, building dimensionality in our understanding. We read from excellent books to explore the history, evolution, and philosophy of the cards, share personal interpretations, and develop a collective understanding.

We invite you to join us in exploring truths at every crossroad, strengthening ourselves and those around us. Currently, we don’t have any formally established times of meeting. However, we can formulate a good time to meet each week as we get a better idea of when works best for everyone. Let's meet in a public space to introduce ourselves and ensure the vibe is right before starting a group chat to coordinate times and communication.

Our goal is to cultivate a community of curious and open-minded friends who ask hard questions and share delicious snacks. If this resonates with you, please reach out. We welcome all who genuinely seek this experience. Come one, come many, come all.

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