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Hello, I am a longtime Boulder resident, 26 years old and going back to college for Computer Science. I have been working on multimedia projects since elementary school, and 3D modeling since high school. I am comfortable with 3DS Max and Photoshop, as well as most video editing/effects software...

I recently bought a VR headset and fell in love; but my laptop cannot handle the Windows Mixed Reality environment with Steam VR on top of it... Steam VR allows Windows Mixed Reality devices to be developed within any Oculus Rift capable engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity, or even 3DS Max Interactive.

Long story short, I need someone with a gaming desktop (I can even loan a brand new 500 Gb SSD so as not to bog down your system with all the required software packages) In exchange, I will bring you digital content, software usage knowledge and training, or even Network/IT training if you wish. If you are willing to work with me (admittedly a novice to VR) I would provide an enthusiastic and productive end to my side of the partnership.

Texting (no solicitors): 72047074--Oh-4 --> Alec

A VR-thirsty, polite local.
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