Stargate - Sacred Geometry Energy Device - $755 (Lafayette)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Metaforms
size / dimensions: 6 inches
Stargate - Sacred Geometry Energy Device

6" Stargate $755 Full retail price including tax - $959

Sacred geometry has long been recognized and known to focus and make more available the highest form of life force energy. This is the reason the grand cathedrals of Europe were constructed using the principles of the life-enhancing sacred geometric dimensions. When inside of one of these holy structures there is created a palpable mental, emotional and physiological state of being in greater resonance and harmony with life, (some call this God) for those who are open to this.

Sacred geometric proportions are not just available to us through human-created structures. They are the building blocks and patterns evident in of all nature. This life-giving, life-enhancing highly healing life force energy is the very reason people are drawn to spend time in nature. Nature gently and subtly brings to us a greater awareness of our truest relationship with and to life. It reminds of of our most authentic self. Those who are not receptive to the healing and uplifting influence given by nature avoid going into the wild places.

The sacred geometric form need not be large to have a potent influence, again to those who are receptive and allowing. The same is true of this Stargate. Its subtle, yet profound influence will only be available to those who are open to the possibility of that which it has to offer.

Information given by the maker of this form:

The Stargate was originally brought through Prageet Harris from his guide, Alcazar. Every Stargate is both a receiver and a transmitter. All the Stargates around the world resonate with extremely refined high dimensional energies and gently radiate these as a field into the space around them. In this way, more and more of the planet is touched by these frequencies. Each Stargate connects with every other Stargate in existence increasing the power of the whole as well as that of each individual Stargate. The energy fields are created by the various sacred geometries within the Stargate’s physical structure.

There are many ways of working with your personal Stargate. The first thing to be aware of is that each Stargate has its own consciousness. It is important for you to begin by connecting with that consciousness. The Stargates are activated by intention and does not require intense effort, simply focused attention and intention. No Stargate experience is ever the same. And every individual works in their own unique way.

For most people, it takes a while to tune in and align with your Stargate. Many people like to sleep with the Stargate near their heads – others like to lie down and place it on their body, or hang it and sit beneath it. Experiment with ways that work best for you.

If you are using this as part of your healing practice, there are also many possibilities. We suggest that before working with a client you take a moment to connect with the Stargate and to set your intention for the session. Then, simply having it in the room will create an energy field through which benevolent beings can operate.

For example, massage therapists often place the Stargate beneath the table. Bodyworkers often place the Stargate underneath areas of discomfort as they work on the body. Doctors and dentists often have them in their surgery or waiting room to create an energy of calmness and comfort.

Gold Stargate - Has a bronze base layered with copper, nickel, and 24 karat gold.

The gold has a strong ‘love’ or heart energy and works extremely well for connecting to the higher dimensions and the benevolent beings that exist there.

Cash only. No shipping. In-person transaction only. Video Description of the Stargate


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