Telescope Discovery SL-70 Celestron - $99 (Nederland)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Discovery, Celestron
model name / number: SL-70
size / dimensions: 70mm X 372mm, f/5.3

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1). Excellent condition, two Kellner 9/25mm factory original eyepieces, and one Meade MA4mm lens, optical view finder, factory heavy duty back pack, the best, most stable tripod I have seen in any kit, better than Meade tripods, five@$99 each. Magnifications: 15x, 41x, 93x. These scopes easily resolve 140x. CORRECT IMAGE diagonal, perfect for spotting.
2). Two@$90 each, good condition, red dot view finder. One SOLD/8/12/23.
3). Three like new kit@ $120.00 each. One SOLD.

11/14/21: one kit SOLD, 11//21/21 one kit SOLD, 1/15/22 one kit SOLD, 2/28/22 one kit SOLD.
Magnifications: 15x, 30x, 41x, 82x. Higher practical magnifications are possible with different eyepieces up to 190x.
Two sold 9/21/2021.
The complete SL-70 kit is $120.00, like new, Barlow lens included, (3/17/21) SOLD. Sale pending(4/2/21): SOLD.
One floor model for $70, seen in the pictures. 3/17/2021: SOLD(3/21/21), one kit SOLD( 7/7/2021).

General description of the Discovery(Celestron) SL-70 refractor, backpack observatory. These are excellent backpack telescopes, the tripod is better than the Meade ETX-70 #882 at one fourth the price. Includes two eyepieces(1.25" Kellner), 2x Barlow, viewfinder, tripod, backpack, diagonal, built-in map lights, level, manual. Hands-on user friendly, kids and adults, coated glass doublet main lens. Also the SL-70 is an excellent macroscope for close-up nature viewing-animals, insects, etc. The Kellner eyepieces are good(25mm/15x, 9mm/41x and the Barlow gives 30x/82x), 75x is needed to see the rings of Saturn, when the eyepieces are upgraded to MA or Plossl lenses and a 2X/3X Barlow the images are equal to the Meade ETX 70 refractor, the highest magnification is rated at 279x. These scopes were made for only one year and are no longer made because they are too expensive to make for a new retail price, the actual parent company is Celestron! Although the scope won the Oppenheim 'Best Toy Award', it is not a toy telescope, the design is supposed to appeal to youngsters and oldsters. Most of these scopes I've seen were bought as presents and rarely used. Check the prices and condition of this scope on Ebay and you'll see incomplete descriptions and missing parts. I test and repair all the telescopes for sale and I show you how to use them, all the telescopes perform the same, some of the back packs show some use but all the zippers work. The best looking ones will be sold first. Tag on the box retail price is $175.00 from the Discovery Store. Forty-three telescope kits have been sold in the past few years.
I have a variety of different eyepieces for upgrades. Maximum magnification is rated at 279x. Practical magnification depends on the viewing conditions. The backpack kits I offer are the least expensive and most complete compared to others I've seen on Ebay and any Craigslist site.
The box is not included.

Six kits were SOLD in November and two 'New in Box' kits were SOLD in December. Last two kits SOLD 12/18/20.

12/18/20: I have two display kits with the backpacks that I am sorting out today for completeness and usability and I have two 'floor display' models without the backpacks that I am also sorting out. 12/19/20:one display kit sold SOLD, one floor display SOLD.

12/19/20: ONE display kit remains for sale: SOLD. 12/20/20: one complete kit :SOLD

12/20/20: One display kit remains, does not have eyecups, the diagonal is different, the pack has one clip spline missing and there is fraying on the inside, zippers work. The telescope /tripod, eyepieces perform the same as the complete kits-$90. 12/21/20:SOLD.

12/21/20: I am attempting to put together a few floor display models and will list them when complete, they won't have the backpacks and will have a few minor different parts but they will cost less and perform the same as the scopes in the complete kits. 12/22/20:SOLD.

12/22/20: I am working on one last working telescope and will list tomorrow. SOLD.

3/17/2021: I put together another SL-70 from parts-$70, the telescope performs the same as the other telescopes listed in the general description but does not have the pack back and eyecups. Includes tripod, eyepieces, new diagonal and new 2x Barlow magnifier, red dot view finder, manual.
3/17/2021: I upgraded the 'red dot viewfinder' to an 'optical viewfinder'......much easier to find viewing objects. SOLD.

This particular telescope is my personal garage telescope that I use for testing various eyepieces and Barlow combinations.

3/17/2021: Celestron 70mm travel telescopes are selling for $200+ on eBay. SOLD.

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