2 BAR SOAP ROPEs $14/ CLOTHESLINE &pins $14/ 9 SILVERWARE $14/ xoearth - $14 (Boulder Central)

I have 2 adjustable BAR SOAP ROPEs, or new CLOTHESLINE plus clothespins, or 9 pieces of mixed SILVERWARE for 3 people, each for sale for $14, or for EarthTrade.

I make the Bar Soap Ropes to sell and for gifts. They are easy to make one if you want to do that.

I have an extra Clothesline and pins to hang dry your laundry. I hang dry my laundry year round. It works even if it is cold and it snows.

I also have some Toilet Book Ropes for $14 that you can use to hang up a book on a toilet paper holder so that the book can be used instead of toilet paper. Old unused books [or other paper products that are no longer useful] can be used as toilet paper to help save a few trees. I call it NooPoo Paper. Pretty easy to make your own Toilet Book Paper Ropes too.

I also make a simple, light & fast, foldable SOLAR COOKER OVEN for $24, or free for EarthTrade. It can be used to cook or heat up food at home or when camping. It can also be used as a sleeping bag pad to make a bed more comfy.

Pick any of them up at my place, or I will bring them to the Farmers Market or to Pearl Street. I am the guy doing eco shows on Pearl with the talking EarthE globe on my shoulder.

Stele Ely
Mapleton and 27ish
Boulder 80304

BAR SOAP ROPE: I make the little adjustable cords that go around a bar of soap so the soap can be hung up and dry out between showers or baths. There are several slip knot hitches that can be used to hold onto the soap quite nicely and can be easily tightened up on the soap as it gets smaller. The knots that I like are the prusik knot [preferably with a double or triple wrap around loop end to hold better] or the simpler lark's head knot. I will also give you a little metal S hanger that I make that can go on a towel rack, shower head or handle bar. Even when I was a kid I thought 'soap on a rope' was neato because the soap was fun and the soap would get to dry out and not be mushy the next time I would take a bath. I also like them because bar soap saves plastic so we humans and critters can keep have more fun. If you make one yourself all you need is some cord or string or yarn. Add some beads if ya want to snazzy it up.

SILVERWARE: It's fun to have real silverware when at a Farmers Market and elsewhere so one does not have to take and waste the plastic serviceware. Thanks for the Earth saving actions that you take.

CLOTHESLINE: Have more good times with a clothesline that saves money and does not burn fossil fuels. 1.5 square meters of habitat potential is saved every time a person uses a clothesline rather instead of a clothes dryer.

Also, I will give you an extra CLOTHESLINE and clothespins, an extra sets of SILVERWARE serviceware, or extra BAR SOAP ROPEs if you post a comment on your facebook, instagram, twitter or social net about a climate change action that you promise to take and how that will help slow down the monster heatwaves, floods, storms and crop failures. For example, post that you promise to use a clothesline to dry your clothes, tag your peeps to encourage them to use one too.

More about about the Bar Soap Ropes, Clotheslines, Toilet Book Ropes and Solar Cooker at XOEarth.
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