Health and Wellness Specialist, Nutritional & Detox Coach and More

Hi my name is Nolan Granberg, my goal is to provide a variety of services which can help the world as best as possible! I have a unique skill set which I use to help transform lives in unique ways. I've been working in the personal and spiritual coaching sector for a good number of years. I specialize in extreme and rare cases where serious treatment and unique knowledge is required. But I can also help just about anyone to find some keys which they can use to live a more powerful and happy life.

I specialize in special diets, ayurvedic cooking practices, tasty & healthy foods, rare herbs, and also especially promoting unique nutritional & detoxifying protocols.

I also have a calling to work with people who have sexual issues (and we all usually do in some way) I would love to share ways you can improve, transform and restore yourself to sexual balance and a deeper internal peace.

I have personally been studying everything from organic chemistry to biochemistry, pharmacology, nutrition and more for half of my lifetime. I have been a student of many different healing modalities and traditions and I have a deep interest in sharing these with the world, as it seems that there are many who have never heard of many of these and could really use them. Powerful and effective remedies for nearly all ailments and diseases.

I understand different body types, lifestyles and personalities. I Focus on gentle yet potent, full lifestyle reset methods. Working with you right where you are at, making small (or big) changes for the better!

I have been an athlete and yogi for most of my life, so I can also recommend many great training programs or other exercises to really boost your energy & clarity... and of course physical fitness.

In my travels I have spent time dieting in the Amazon with different medicinal plants and teachers, I gained a lot of experiential knowledge about diet and lifestyle from these experiences, which I know could really benefit the people.

I have a deep appreciation for the importance of minerals, super foods and adaptogens. I have proficient knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, plus many years of experience with adaptogens/supplements and the study of their benefits.

I can operate in a variety of settings, I am always happy to discuss potential options!
I've worked with couples, with children and also people with mental illness. I am always happy to talk and see if there is anyway we can work together!

My regular rate is $50 per hour, and I will also be providing some solid homework on the side!

Door to Freedom Transformational Services is here to serve you, in whatever way we can! The world is ours, if we only work together.

With love,
- Nolan Granberg

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