Fantastic Guitar, Song Writing and basic Singing Lessons!!!!! (Boulder or Zoom)


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​My name is Thomas and I own Good Music Medicine. I have been playing guitar for over 43 years. I am lucky enough to perform as a singer/songwriter and guitarist all around the front range! I play in a successful band, we play almost every weekend. www.goodmusicmedicine.com

Being a musician brings me great joy and I love to share that joy wth others! It's my honor to teach you, or our child some guitar or songwriting and encourage you to sing if you are willing!! I am a patient, down to earth teacher and I work well with both children and adults.​ Lessons are never stressful or intimidating. If you are new at guitar as an adult, or child, I'd like to help get you on your way.

If your already playing well, but want to take the next step, I love to help develop artists. I can support you in getting to the next level, what ever that is for you. I'll even get you on stage if that will help! I have optional student recitals 2 times a year where you get a chance to show off what you have leaned! If you are in a band or performing already, the opportunity to open for my band might be available.

If you are feeling intimidated by theory, I was too. I had been performing for years before I was able to comprehend the theory behind the notes. I make it easy for you to learn basic theory if you are interested. It does open doors and help in communicaing with other musicians. No need to fear the scales anymore! I can make them make sense to you!

In addiiton to beginner guitar, I specialize in teaching people the joys and freedom of lead guitar work. I'll find a way to teach you mastery of the neck; generally by breaking theory down and making each piece I teach you, applicable and useful to everyday playing. In a deeper look, any one can string notes together. I also teach how to create phrases, licks and use silence as well to be a crisp, sharp lead player. (I specialize in improvisational leads and do not teach tabs and reconstruction of other people's leads).

I am also a songwriter and have sold three of my songs as well as having songs on all the major streamin services. It is my sincere belief that any human being can write a song, learn to perform well it and then share it with friends, or the world. I can help you in one lesson to see the possibility of this. Songwriting is like three dimensional journaling. It's very cathartic, and just plain fun! If you have ever had an interest in songwriting, I can help you!

Lessons are 45 minutes and weekly is advised. Cost is $50 per lesson cash or $55 per lesson Venmo. I collect for the month on the first lesson of the month. Missed lessons can be made up.

In addition, if you don't live in Colorado, I offer lessons via Zoom. The same rates apply. I email charts for you to follow along with if needed. I am happy to speak with you on the phone about your goals and my teaching style anytime! My number is on my website. www.goodmusicmedicne.com

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