WASHBURN OLD: 1800's-1930's Washburn parlor guitar needs work/ xoearth - $1,400 (Boulder Central)

I have a beautiful late 1800's to 1930's Washburn parlor guitar for sale, and for EarthTrade.

It is quite old late 1800's to 1930's parlor guitar. I have few clues so far.

Overall fret board is flat. One fret needs reset.

It seems to me that the neck to body angle needs slightly adjusted where it attaches to the upper bout. There is a high 5mm action at the octave on the fretboard.

Fixing it might be expensive, not sure.

Other than that, the ol' Washburn it is in good shape.

I will get some way better pics posted of this beauty this week.

RA, a guy from Craigslist, sent me his take on this guitar. RA says, "Typically guitars of this vintage have some construction issues that make them virtually useless for todays music, for instance the bracing on the top is certainly not going to be X bracing and as a result of other construction methods the guitar will at best require very light gauge silk and steel string and possibly ( likely) nylon strings. Modern strings will pull the guitar apart."

Similar but in better condition Washburn guitars are at ebay .com/itm/166246807341 and ebay .com/itm/385432834055.

Stele Ely
Mapleton & 26ish
Boulder 80304

EarthTrade: To get $40 off either pair post a comment on your facebook, instagram, twitter or social net about a big climate change action that you promise to take and how that action will help slow down the monster wildfires, floods, hurricanes and heatwaves. Or if you want to give all of the money to the environmental organization of your choice we can do a donation online when you come by. Anyway thanks big time for the eco actions that you take to help extend the life of our sweet+rad+dying biosphere so we humans and other beings can keep having fun.

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